Sister Logo.png

In September of 2018 I went to visit my brother J. Bilhan in Germany where he was living at the time. He was showing me some of his new sketches and art work when we came across this text that he had conceived. It was undeniable and knew it had to be the sister text. I asked him to work on this logo for me based off the the text he had created. Joshua is also the reason behind the name Sister, so I accredit a lot to him. My co-creator, my friend, my brother.

All of the T-shirts that I have created so far are all hand-painted, hand-sewn, or (thank you to Emma Fineman) hand-printed on vintage shirts. They’re all one of a kind. I hope you enjoy what we have created for you.

Photos below by Stefanie Vinsel Johnson and Mackeson / Shop the shirts HERE.