Welcome to Pearl


Hannah here. Other than the previews and a brief Instagram story here and there, I haven't shared much in the past couple of years.

A lot has happened and I feel as if i'm in a place now where I feel comfortable with sharing again.

I had my heart broken, I drove across country and moved to a new city, I found love, I bought a car after I wrecked a car, I was angry, I was depressed, I was confused, I lost my religion, and I found myself. Obviously, the process of finding yourself is never easy and it never ends. There's always a new version of us yet to be uncovered. 

I've always considered myself to be a very level headed person. These past few years have been filled with so much emotion, so many recollections of trauma, and so much healing. I wasn't comfortable with sharing my life, because I wasn't comfortable with myself.

My entire life i had been taught one thing. I can't say I was ever fully convinced of that one thing, but I went along with it. That became my identity. In stepping away from that, I completely was wrecked. Not in a good way but not in a bad way either. The questions I always had but never asked or the problems I never dealt with were there and were screaming at me to face them. 

Never ignore your questions. Never ignore your doubt. Ask the questions you want to ask, explore the things you want to explore. Once you are so set on something, you stop asking questions and you stop growing. 

Anyway, that's how we're here now. 


Pearl was originally going to be a little vintage shop that I wanted to start. Pearl being the treasured, prized object that had been hunted and searched for — rare, beautiful vintage pieces. With my many doubts, I decided not to do it. Later, I then decided it would be the name of my blog and I would sell my favorite vintage pieces through the blog while also sharing whatever else was happening in my life. And again, that's how we're here now.

I want to move past my ever lingering doubts and just do what I want to do. 

Here on Pearl I will share my musical process with you, my art, my photos, and myself. 


Here's to my future, and yours, and our constant search for the pearls that life occasionally throws our way.


Cheers Xx


The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli