All items sold as-is:

Wear and tear is normal for vintage items. I have done my best to mend and clean what needs it. Items usually will not be in perfect condition unless otherwise noted. 

Sizing and Fit:

Vintage sizing isn’t always the same as modern day sizing. I’ve listed the tag size and for some items I’ve listed what it fits like.

Please keep in mind your measurements when ordering.


All items will be sent via USPS. 

Please allow 2-3 days for packing and shipping. For all made within the US, please allow 2-7 days for shipping. For international orders please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.

Stylist Pulls:

I charge a small fee for each item pulled. If you end up purchasing the item the rental fee will be waived. You are responsible for any damage done to the item while in your care - you will have to cover and dry cleaning, repair fees, or full price of item if unrepairable.

All sales are final.

For any other questions please contact me here.

From pearl, with love. XOXO